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At Project ComeBack we know that strength not only lies in our words, but in our actions as well. We have set out on a mission to help heal horses and humans. Founded in 2017, ComeBack will strive to inspire actions and support communities.

Our mission is to rescue horses, to patiently reeducate these horses, then connect them with people who have endured trauma. First and foremost Our Veterans! From this experience we hope to help both horse and human develop tools that will improve their quality of life. 



\ˈkəmˌbak/ noun

A return to a former good position or condition

Founder & Executive Director

Lindsay Andon

I'm not sure how my obsession with horses started, but I remember they were all I could think about. As soon as I could talk I was begging my parents to bring me down the street to see our neighbor's chestnut gelding, Roman.


Riding lessons started when I was 6 and  I never looked back. The more time I spent with horses, the more I noticed how different I felt with them. Accepted, unconditionally loved, guided, educated, free from all other cares. Most horse people feel this to a degree, we understand the healing power of horses on an innate level. 


I began to understand this healing on a much deeper level, when my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Our horses saved her life, they gently guided us through something we did not know how to navigate. 

From there a new obsession was born, and opportunities came that allowed me to witness the healing power of horses over and over again....from volunteering for a therapeutic riding facility, BINA, to helping a veteran friend heal, to my newest adventure of volunteering for Saratoga WarHorse. After watching the amazing transformations happen with veterans at SWH, I wanted them to have an opportunity to continue. So I founded Project Comeback with the simple idea that veterans could comeback and spend time with program horses to continue the connection that was made.

**Lindsay is currently studying to become CBEIP certified. 

Operations Officer & Veteran Liaison

Christian Dunham

Ever since I can remember I have been an advocate for others. So much so that my mother would express concern that if I kept fighting for my peers I would be left with nothing for myself. Well...in a sense that came true. 

Upon return from a second tour overseas I was left broken. I turned towards drugs and alcohol and isolation. I spent years in a dark place wondering how I could be left alone by those who I tried to protect. I could not find my way back to the little boy who was convinced he was a Super Hero sent here to save the world. 

By chance...no, fate...I received a call from a dear friend who asked if I wanted to go vet a program that works with horses. He was considering adding Project ComeBack to his network of groups geared toward helping those of us who suffer from TBI and PTSD. I met Lindsay and the PCB horses and fell in love with the idea. I began crawling from the shell of a man I'd become and finding my way back to the horses day after day. 

I can't explain what happens when I'm accepted into the herd and allowed to silently "be". What I can say is that I have found that little boy. He woke up and realized it was time to lead the troops once again!! This time with no malice, no violence, no ulterior motive. 

I am here to Help

I am here to hurt no more!

Through my action and dedication to self care, I will affect change. 

"This is but a verbal description of 'what is'. In their still remain, I become the observer and may exercise my bliss."

- Christian Dunham, The Recovery Sgt.                   

Please take a chance and follow me >>> You don't have to fight alone anymore. We are here!!

Board Of Directors

Elizabeth Andon

Julie Robins

Steven Houghton


583 Adams Street

Holliston, MA


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