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Did you know that wild horses are federally protected under the 1971 act? Last month we found 27 of these wild horses in a kill lot in Oklahoma, scheduled to ship to Mexico for slaughter in 48 hours. 

They fell through the cracks of a broken government system called the Adoption Incentive Program, designed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to incentivize people with $1,000 to adopt a wild mustang. Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of this, kept the money for themselves and abandoned the horses at the kill lot.  


They don't have names, just numbers. They were scheduled to ship to slaughter on Wednesday, 1/25/23. We have been working behind the scenes non stop and found an organization who can take 15 into a re wilding program. 


We have set out to rescue the remaining 12, and 2 feral burrows (donkeys). 14 lives left to save. Each animal will cost us $2,000 to save, quarantine, provide vet care, and ship to our new location in SC, where they will work with veterans as our larger mission continues. 

Sadly we could not prevent them from seeing the inside of a kill pen, but with your help, we can make sure they never see the inside of a slaughter house. 


The history of our country was written side by side with these horses. Once running wild and free in Nevada, now captured, stripped from their home and family, and almost sent to slaughter… they deserved so much better. Corrupt, selfish people failed these horses. We are determined to make it up to them and give them their freedom back. 


They will heal at our sanctuary with the support of veterans, the very men and women who fought to protect our freedoms here. As the horses regain their own freedoms side by side with our veterans, we ask for your help getting them safely home.


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