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Did you know that wild horses are federally protected under the 1971 act? In January of 2023 we found 31 of these wild horses in a kill lot in Oklahoma, scheduled to ship to Mexico for slaughter in 48 hours. 

They fell through the cracks of a broken government system called the Adoption Incentive Program, designed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to incentivize people with $1,000 to adopt a wild mustang. Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of this, kept the money for themselves and abandoned the horses at auctions.  


They didm't have names, just numbers, or any skills that made them worth while at the auction. Picked up by kill buyers for a cheap price, their only value was for meat. They were scheduled to ship to slaughter a few days after we found them. A private re wilding program had room for 15 of them and we began to fundraise for the rest. The last 14 (plus 1) mustangs came to our sanctuary in SC, and two BLM burros went to our MA location.

Sadly, we could not prevent them from seeing the inside of a kill pen, but we did make sure they never saw the inside of a slaughter house. 


The history of our country was written side by side with these horses. Once running wild and free in Nevada, now captured, taken from their home and family, and almost sent to slaughter… they deserved so much better. Their freedom was taken from them, but we have the opportunity to give it back.


They will heal at our sanctuary with the support of veterans, the very men and women who fought to protect our freedoms here. As the horses regain their own freedoms side by side with our veterans, we ask for your covering the cost of this immense undertaking. 


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