Feed a horse

One of our horses will eat 3/4 - 1 bale of hay per day (depending on the season).

One bale of hay can cost $7 - $10.

Feed one horse for one week with


Feed one horse for one month with $220.00

Farrier care

Our horses need their hooves trimmed every 4-6 weeks. 

One barefoot trim costs $60.00

Help one horse get a barefoot trim for $60.00

House a horse

For us to board one horse it costs $300 per month.

Help us board a horse for 2 weeks for $150

Help up board a horse for a month for 


rescue a horse

The cost to rescue a horse varies. It includes the price of the horse, as well as paying someone to trailer the horse to us. 

Average cost per horse: $200 - $1,000

Shipping costs depend on location.

Our goal with all rescue horses is to rehabilitate and re educate them in order to find them a forever home. 

Vet care

Yearly vaccination costs per horse:

Rabies: $25.00

EEE/WEE/Tetanus: $28.00

West Nile Virus: $36.00

Flu - Rhino: $35.00

Strangles: $40.00

Fecal Exam: $25.00

Teeth Float: $85.00

Stable Call: $60.00