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Our newest member

Once running wild & free somewhere in Oregon, Flicka found herself in a kill lot in Oklahoma by November of 2017. Her brand tells us she was born in 1995, and that is all we know about her past.

Flicka was in desperate need of groceries and medicine for her runny nose & swollen teats. Her rescue started with a generous donation of $600 to get her out of the kill lot. She was shipped to a veterinary facility down the road where she received the medicine she needed. After a month in quarantine, Flicka finally made the journey across the country. She arrived sick & scared in Massachusetts on December 4, 2017, but not without kicking the shipper in the teeth first.

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She needed time and space to be. To be a horse. To be away from people. To be free again in a pasture. As her body and mind healed I noticed the fear leave her eyes a little each day, and she was able to start to trust me.

We took it slow, I did my best to stay patient and gentle. I tried to listen more than I spoke to her, I wanted to hear her story.

"You have to go in each day with the horse and say, 'Where are you today? What are you like right now?' The next day he may be different (better or worse) and in all fairness you have to allow them that."

- 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman


We've come a long way together, and I have learned so much already. My biggest realization is that the more freedom I allow her....the more she chooses to be with me.

It is so hard to leave the gate open to a 10 acre field that she is allowed to roam, knowing that if she doesn't let me catch her I will be spending the rest of the afternoon walking that pasture trying. If I take that short cut and shut the gate to lock her in, she breaks down and we get nowhere.

BUT, when I go against my human instinct that tells me I have to force her to stay close, if I trust that our work and relationship is good enough, if leave the gate open....she never leaves. She's right there next to me asking what we should do together.

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