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Postpartum Blues

It was a sunny day, but my mind was clouded with anxiety, worry and depression. Postpartum blues had a firm grasp on me after having my daughter, and I was going through the motions. Driving home through Holliston one day, my gps started to glitch and I found myself lost. I drove on, in hopes that I’d eventually gain some cell phone reception and my gps would start working properly again. Lo and behold, to my left I saw the most glorious sight ever: beautiful majestic horses running free.

Being born and raised in the inner city of Boston, Ma, as a city girl I wasn’t used to seeing horses in their natural element. I was captivated by their beauty, calmness, and stillness. I immediately pulled my car over and approached a young lady attending to the horses and inquired about them. She smiled brightly at me, told me her name was Lindsay, explained the Project Comeback program and it’s mission, and I was hooked. The rest was history.