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Postpartum Blues

It was a sunny day, but my mind was clouded with anxiety, worry and depression. Postpartum blues had a firm grasp on me after having my daughter, and I was going through the motions. Driving home through Holliston one day, my gps started to glitch and I found myself lost. I drove on, in hopes that I’d eventually gain some cell phone reception and my gps would start working properly again. Lo and behold, to my left I saw the most glorious sight ever: beautiful majestic horses running free.

Being born and raised in the inner city of Boston, Ma, as a city girl I wasn’t used to seeing horses in their natural element. I was captivated by their beauty, calmness, and stillness. I immediately pulled my car over and approached a young lady attending to the horses and inquired about them. She smiled brightly at me, told me her name was Lindsay, explained the Project Comeback program and it’s mission, and I was hooked. The rest was history.

I returned to the farm the very next week and almost every week thereafter, kids in tow, to visit with and do volunteer work on the farm and it has been so rewarding and fulfilling. My son, Jaylen, has had the privilege of meeting and working with River a beautiful mare that has been severely abused and mistreated and shies away from humans. Remarkably, River approached Jaylen on their first meeting has bonded with him ever since that first meeting.

We both have learned the value of unconditional love that can be shared between man and beast with nary a word being spoken. I still battle depression, but the peace I feel when I am at Project Comeback helps me to battle the feelings of sadness that sometimes come over me. The horses do not judge me, they are gentle, and they are kind. Learning to understand and speak the language of this magnificent species is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

Like some of these horses, I have suffered my fair share of abuse and trials, and the work Lindsay has done and continues to do in order to give these animals a better quality of living gives me hope that I can change my life for the better as well.

I am living proof that you don’t have to BE what you went through.

- Gladys “Gigi” Garcia


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