Healing mentally, emotionally, and physically

The horses shown below are members of the Project ComeBack rescue herd. Each horse has a unique story to share as we help them through their healing process. 


2010 Mustang Gelding

Milo is an owner surrender and, like so many other mustangs, was so misunderstood by the horse world. A once feral horse running free in Nevada, he found himself in many different confining spaces that are normal for domestic horses to live in. Feeling trapped and frustrated he resorted to acting out, which got him labeled as dangerous, one woman even told his owner he belonged “at the bottom of a hole”.


Milo’s story didn’t start like this, his owner adopted him from the BLM and let him live outside and free with another mustang. He was so happy. But after falling on hard times and trying everything she could to keep him, her only options seemed to be traditional horse keeping with confining spaces and stalls. She knew Milo was so unhappy and that he was only acting out as a result of his living situation.


After hearing Milo’s story and all his mom had been through to find him the right home, we knew he would fit in with our herd. His rehab includes freedom, wide open spaces to run with his friends, and no confinement.


His owner is so happy to say that Milo is back to the horse he used to be!

Milo currently has no sponsors



1994 Gelding

Wesley came to us as an owner surrender with his two friends, Thomas and Joey. He spent his days teaching many people to jump and ride and now it is finally time for him to retire after his many years of hard work. 

To keep him gently moving he participates in our Hippotherapy sessions where he continues to have a special and positive impact on so many lives. 

Wesley is partially sponsored by Megan Mombourquette, Denise Ghazey and Kristine Bowring.


Sir Thomas

1997 Canadian Warmblood Gelding

Sir Thomas also had quite the impressive career we have been told. He spent his days in the show ring and teaching countless people to ride and what it meant to love a horse.


Thomas was recently diagnosed with a heart condition, upon arrival at our farm he needed electrolytes syringed into his mouth because he would not eat or drink. It took some work but we figured out how to feed him hay that he could eat without quidding and convinced him if he was eating grain next to his best friend Wesley it wasn't so bad. We are helping him get back to a healthy weight, but at his age it is a slow process. 

Thomas is an owner surrender, now it’s time for him to enjoy his last years for himself. He is retired with two of his good friends, Wesley and Joey, at our rescue. They will all be able to live out the rest of their days in peace together. 

Thomas is partially sponsored by Anne Keesler, Devon Poeta, Sophie Coffey, Caitlin Geary and the Kuldells. 


Charlie Brown

Invested  In  This  Machine 

2008 Quarter Horse Gelding

Charlie was Lindsay's very first rescue, he was purchased at an auction barn in Western MA in 2013. In July of 2015 Charlie suffered traumatic physical injury. He came in from the paddock one day with his front legs shaking. We found out that he had somehow broken his withers (part of his back). Today Charlie Brown deals with residual nerve damage that acts up with the weight of a saddle/rider. It is important that even though Charlie will never be able to carry a rider like he used to, he can still have a meaningful job - it will just look a little different.


Charlie is partially sponsored by Goutam Sudhir


2004 Miniature Horse

Matilda, Tilly for short, was by far our most spontaneous rescue. We were contacted by one of our local hay suppliers after he picked her up from a man who said "get rid of her, either find her a home or bring her to slaughter I don't care just get rid of her!" We aren't sure what this sweet girl did to deserve such a horrible sentence, but we are certainly glad she ended up with us. Tilly loves attention of all kinds, she is quite the diva...and being that cute, we can't really blame her!

Matilda is partially sponsored by Rebecca Lockhart, and Rachael Hammer.

Matilda's rescue was sponsored by the Nolan family.



My  Friend  Bob

2011 Thoroughbred Gelding

Percy had a successful racehorse career and was loved deeply by his owners and breeders. When hard times hit their small family farm they had to find new homes for some of their horses. In hopes of giving their horses the best life possible, a local horse rescue was contacted to take them. Percy was eventually adopted out from that rescue, only to learn that a riding career just wasn't for him. Finding himself once again searching for a home and purpose, he landed safely with us. 


Now Percy will forever spend his days sharing love and healing with people who are also searching for something that feels like home.


Percy is partially sponsored by Lynda Mockler and Laurian Pope.


2016 Mustang Gelding

Nemi was rescued from Stroud, a kill lot in Oklahoma, with Altivo in August of 2020. Nemi was completely wild, he had no handling or contact with humans except for a few traumatic experiences like being gelded, branded, and left in a kill lot. He came to the farm with an old halter on, we don't know how he got it or the trauma surrounding that form of capture for him. It took about 6 months, incredible patience and understanding to finally remove it. His gentling process will be slow and patient, we are very grateful to have a horse so close to his wild instincts to learn from and heal with. 


Nemi is partially sponsored by Stephanie Ault, Shobha Sudhir, Goutam Sudhir and Susan Davidson.

Nemi's rescue was sponsored by Carrie Langhauser.



2016 Mustang Gelding

Altivo was rescued from Stroud, a kill lot in Oklahoma, in August of 2020. Altivo is completely wild, he has had no handling or contact with humans except for a few traumatic experiences like being gelded, branded, and left in a kill lot. As Altivo has settled into his new life we've gotten to see his personality start to shine through his trauma. He is brave, kind, extremely curious, and very gentle. His gentling process will be slow and patient, we are very grateful to have a pure wild mustang to learn from and heal with. 


Altivo is partially sponsored by Stephanie Dacko, Shobha Sudhir, Goutam Sudhir, and Susan Agostini.


2007 Grade Quarter Horse Mare

Rain was rescued from an kill lot by our Oklahoma partners, Safe Keep Place. SKP is veteran owned and operated rescue facility that provides a safe space for horses making their freedom rides out of kill pens and to their new homes. This "middle man" is required to ensure that any sick horses heal before travel. The owner of SKP reached out to us about this sweet girl and thanks to a generous sponsor we were able to adopt her and give her a forever home at Project ComeBack. 

Rain will participate in Project ComeBack programing as well as help with the Hippotherapy program at the farm. She is a very special girl with very special jobs! 

Rain is partially sponsored by KJ Nolan, Sarah Miller, and Christine Donovan.

Rain's rescue was sponsored by Beth Sherman.



2009 Grade Quarter Horse Mare

River was rescued from a kill lot in Oklahoma in March of 2019. River was close to impossible to approach for months. With gentle consistency and without force we were able to gain her trust and make our first touch. 


River is partially sponsored by Anna Nolan and Anne Brinkerhoff.

Moon Shadow

2009 Mustang Mare

Moon was rescued from Stroud, a kill lot in Oklahoma, in June of 2019. Moon Shadow has a lot of anxiety and "horse PTSD". Her triggers and actions are extremely unpredictable, causing her to react often and become tremendously scared from seemingly minuscule things. Moon's emotional wounds run deep, leading us to believe she has had a very traumatic past. Now that she is in a safe home, with fields to run free in, we can see her fear starting to turn into trust. 


Moon is partially sponsored by Carolyn Blair, James Andon, and Jenn Scott.



New  Sheriff  In  Town

2003 Thoroughbred Gelding

Spirit's first career was as a race horse. Like so many others in this industry, he was trained to do only one thing - run fast and turn left. The story of the racehorse is a sad one, most are taken at a young age and put through rigorous training, never knowing how to be a horse. Then, still at a young age, they are discarded with no transition to a second career. Discarded was how we found Spirit, more specifically at Stroud, a kill lot in Oklahoma, in March of 2019.


Spirit is fully sponsored by Costello Climate Control.


2017 Mustang  Gelding

Kai doesn’t enjoy people much. When approached his ears instantly flatten as he communicates “stop. that’s close enough”. We know he was born a feral mustang in Wyoming, and at a young age he was taken from his home, his herd, and his mother. We can guess by his aversion to human touch he was abused. We respect that he doesn’t want to be touched, he’s allowed to tell us that.


As a growing baby horse Kai was put into an inmate program, forced to carry the weight of a saddle and rider at far too young of an age. He carries trauma from his early experiences that we are trying to help him heal from. Kai has met many people at our rescue. These people have all understood his boundaries, and never forced him to be touched unwillingly. With each patient encounter we see him become less defensive and more curious!

Kai is partially sponsored by Tea Leigh.



All  Blue

2015 Thoroughbred Gelding

Blue was donated to Project ComeBack from Godolphin Racing. Blue grew extremely tall extremely fast, ending his racing career and leaving him with the horse equivalent of PD - Parkinson's Disease -  called "Shivers". His condition causes his hind legs to "shiver" or shake. Not to worry, with gentle exercise/physical therapy, routine visits from the chiropractor, and holistic healing modalities we see Blue living a long healthy life without this condition diminishing the quality!


Blue is partially sponsored by Patience Carey.