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Volunteer Information

Please read this section BEFORE signing up to volunteer:

** At this time we can only take volunteers over the age of 16 **

This is a farm dedicated to helping horses heal. This means volunteering here may look different than at other horse sanctuaries, or different than you may be imagining. For our horses, every human interaction is deliberate, consensual, and lead towards healing. As a result, volunteering here will encompass more help with "farm chores", it will NOT include interacting directly with the horses.


When you sign up to volunteer please do it from a selfless place in your heart, meaning you understand your time will be used for two things: farm chores and sharing space with the horses. It will not look like brushing, petting, or touching the horses in any way. They do not owe us those interactions, and for most of our rescues touch has been traumatic. In other words, if you are wanting to sign up to volunteer so you can touch horses, this is not the right farm for you. If you understand our horses have physical, mental, and emotional abuse and just need people to exist around them without an agenda or desire to touch them, this is the right place for you. 

Thank you for understanding how we chose to respect our animals as individuals. We hope you sign up to help us make a difference in their lives!

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