Adopted Horses

Horses who have found their forever person



Worth  A  Chance

2003 Quarter Horse Gelding

Chance was rescued from a kill lot in Oklahoma in June of 2019. His forever mom Besty sponsored his rescue, knowing he was "worth a chance". Upon arrival he was extremely underweight and had hair missing from all over his body. He fell in love with Betsy right away, clearly wanting to have a person of his own to love him and nurse him back to health. They have been together ever since and Chance's body and spirit are healing more and more each day with her patience and unconditional love. 


Chance has been adopted by Betsy Andon.


2001 Quarter Horse Gelding

Maverick came to us in desperate need of his own person. He bounced around so much that his trust in people was almost non existent. It started when he was abandoned by his first owner, who he worked long days on the farm with helping with tasks like trimming limbs off trees.


Maverick became sick one day and was abandoned by this man at the farm he worked at. Two women at that farm took him in, nursed him back to health, and started to look for someone to give this boy a forever home. He met many people, but was not ready to trust any of them. When he came to us he was instantly and strongly bonded to Chance, who happened to live in the paddock next door.


His bond with Chance grew and he started to trust the people he saw Chance could trust. Chance must have told Maverick how Betsy saved him and gave him a second chance, and Maverick decided he was ready to try again. All three are now a happy family and the best of friends. 


Maverick has been adopted by Betsy Andon.